By - Neddy Mox

Sexual Acts That Actually Help You Burn Calories

It is known that sex is enjoyable and boasts numerous health benefits, which includes burning more calories. So, get frisky with these sexual activities to give you the best workout and burn those calories now!



Girls, if you want to increase calorie burn and strengthen your core, inner thighs, and butt, the cowgirl position is definitely the right workout for you. If you prefer to make use of ‘squat variation’ position, drop in hamstrings and quads too.


Doggy Style

This primal position allows men to get a good exercise for his core and glutes. While for women, their legs, chest, core, and triceps will be strengthened. Overall, the doggy style is a good sexual act for achieving that calorie expenditure.



In this sensual position, the legs and arms are tightly wrapped around the back of each other. Your abs serve as your main tool for pulling up and down the pelvis.



For those practicing yoga, the bridge position may be a well familiar position. In the world of fitness, it is popularly known as posterior chain workout. This sexual position builds up the muscles that run along the body’s back (shoulders, butt, back, and hamstrings). Here’s the bonus, stronger arms can be gained.



This is quite similar to the bridge position. However, it’s best recommended to ease your aching back. How to do this? Lay your girl while her hands are placed flat and palms down beside her. Then, carefully lift her legs and back carefully so you create an arch. Meanwhile, the man needs to rise in order to meet the lady on his knees.

Just like in doggy style, men are working the same sets of muscles namely quads, core and hamstrings. When you are supporting her through raising her butt, you should you are also getting some arm workout. On the other hand, for girls, this position gives them a full-body workout. Everything will definitely work — from your upper and lower back down to your calves and quads to your shoulders and triceps.



Sex standing is great for your calf strength, thigh, and bum. You need to effort supporting your weight as well as your partner, bracing your core, and moving several muscles – particularly your glutes and calves.




Do the missionary position and lose up to 48 calories in just ten minutes! It specifically targets the core muscles, glutes, and inner thighs. Make it quite more passionate by entwining your legs around the hips of your partner or meeting his deep thrusts.



Do you want to know another labor-intensive sex position to shed your excess fats? Wheelbarrow position is your way to go. The girl will face the floor while she supports her body through her arms and hands. Meanwhile, the man grabs the upper hips or thigh of the girl as he meets her right from behind. It will make the traps, quads, shoulders, calves, chest and core work.

So, the next time you want to take an adventure in sex and want to burn calories at the same time, you know the drill!

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