By - Neddy Mox

8 Benefits of Morning Sex

There are many ways on how you can stay up late in bed. There are a morning person and a night person type when it comes to sex schedule. Although people can have sex basically anywhere and anytime they want, getting in the morning sex routine is much more exciting and can be beneficial too. In fact, it really adds more on the emotional and physical benefits.

What are the benefits of morning sex routines? Hit the 20 minutes to get tons of physical and emotional benefits in the row.


1. Better way to start your day.

Having an orgasm is pretty much the best possible way to usher in another 24 hours of life. There is a study that tells about how sex in the morning can make you feel better the entire day. During the sex in the morning, the so called oxytocin also known as the cuddle hormone is released. This upbeat feeling will help you to go throughout the day.


2. Not late for work.

Both of you will probably agree that you want to shower together. There are things you can enjoy during the sex morning routine. Like doing it together on a shower before going to work is one thing you can explore enjoy. You will both feeling even more refreshed than usual. Best water sex position; bend over while he enters from behind.


3. Keeps you healthy.

It can actually strengthen your immune system by boosting your antibody or humoral level. It can also boost the anti-body that protects against infection. It leaps the body to give you an active hormone that made you active the entire day.


4. You can skip the gym.

It’s the best alternative to a morning workout before hopping into the shower. An hour of sex routine can burn an average of 240 calories and 180 calories respectively.


5. Better replacement for coffee.

Definitely, sex gets you going first thing in the morning. A feeling of having a point in the back jolts you awake in a way that caffeine can’t. Somehow, you’ll get addicted to it. The aroma that gives you during the routine will keep you high and drive you to the fullest timeline of what you are doing.


6. Makes you alert.

Active sex during morning helps your brain becomes active and alert. After 8 hours of sleep, love making will rejuvenate you and make your brain nerves active. So, if you have an active brain, probably your entire day will have the best performance at work.


7. Makes you more positive.

Staying positive no matter what is one of the great benefits of the sex morning routine. The post-coital glow will stay the entire day and help you to have a lighter and positive vibes the entire day. Orgasm in the morning will boost your mood and will keep you happy.


8. Improves blood circulation

Morning sex routine will improve the blood circulation of the body and lower the blood pressure. In women, orgasm triggers release of the oxycontin hormone that helps to lower the blood pressure. As it is a good form of exercise also, therefore, the circulation improves through this activity.

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