The world of pornography is vast and contains numerous genres. Some of the most popular are typical when it comes to adult related material. Top categories in porn are lesbians, MILFs, hentai, ebony and amateur. Besides these, there are countless others most people are not even aware of. In all, a person can find infinite free sex pictures, animated porn GIF images and anything else they desire.

But even with all that porn out there, some people prefer amateur or homemade porn sites. Adult pages which cater to amateur porn have legions of visitors and fans. So exactly why are amateur and homemade porn sites so popular? What is it that makes people choose that particular genre over others?

The Reality Effect

If you talk to people who enjoy amateur porn, they will often give you numerous reasons why they watch it and love it. However, in most cases, the majority of them say it’s because of the reality effect. People enjoy looking at amateurs because they know the porn is real. Although professional porn may be more coordinated, it is fake. The reality is that the players in the adult films are actors. These people get paid to act like they are having sex or enjoying it. On the other hand, homemade porn is just that; porn that is made at home.

The participants in the amateur porn movies are real people just like you and me. The vast majority of them are having sex and fucking, because they enjoy it. In some cases, the amateurs want to show the world what they can do when it comes to sex. You also have many individuals who love showing off. These are called voyeuristic people who have an affinity for exposing themselves sexually.



It’s All About The Sex

Another reason people prefer amateur porn over professional material is the sex. Unlike scripted adult films, the sex between amateurs is unrehearsed. That means you can find all types of fucking going on. The amateur porn can be of teens who are very horny while having sex among each other. You also have wild orgies that result from a bunch of people at a sorority frat house initiation party. Some homemade movies have caught drunk women having anal sex for the first time. That in itself is almost like watching a girl lose her virginity on film.

Unlike hardcore porn that some view as forced or unnatural, these women and men are having fun while fucking. Some users also complain about the many fake tits seen on the women in the porn films. While big boobs are great, fake tits are not loved by everyone.


Types Of Amateur Porn Material

The amateur porn genre has no shortage of material for viewers to enjoy. The porn videos, sex GIF images and sex pictures on this category are amazing. They contain beautiful MILFs who have sex with younger guys. There are also millions of porn material of girl-on-girl sexual encounters. You can expect to see young hot girls in cheerleaders uniform having sex. They get fucked in their tight pussies by other guys or girls. In other instances, the women satisfy themselves with dildo, bottles, bananas, vibrators or anything else that makes them come.

There are also tons of interracial porn involving hot sex with black girls and white men. On the other hand, you have pretty and sexy white chicks or Latina babes getting fucked hard by black guys with huge dicks. Big beautiful women (BBW) is also another sub-genre of amateur porn. These are not your airbrushed bitches you see in professional porn. Instead, they are average housewives, mothers, MILFs, secretaries and all other types of BBW’s. Each one of them getting banged hard by men and other women.


Top Amateur Porn Sites in 2018

For those who enjoy amateur and homemade porn, there are countless of sites to get it from. There are many porn tube sites or pages where you can see unlimited sex pictures, porn GIFS and videos of any type. Some of them are as follows:

PornHub – The site is one of the most popular in the world with over 2 million unique visitors every hour. In addition to amateur porn, you also get to see anything else you want.

HomemoviesTube – The porn videos posted on this site are all homemade by regular everyday folks. These are individuals who want to share their sexual experiences with everyone else.

xHamster/Amateur – The chicks and guys found in the Xhamster amateur category are hot and wild. There is new material added hourly so you can always find new amateur porn to see.

PornFun – Guys are always posting private homemade porn videos of their girlfriends or wives here. The individuals on this site enjoy showing off what they can do in bed or anywhere else they fuck.

xTube – Much like YouTube, xTube is a place for the best non-professional sexcapades videos. The amateurs featured on these videos are hot, horny, wild and love sex. – You will never have a shortage of people who want to watch other individual’s girlfriends or spouses getting banged. Many of the girls here are horny and willing to showcase their sexual talents.